As a Serial Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of Onix Ventures, Humza Radi has been building multiple 6 figure businesses from the age of 16. 

It has always been an instinct to be an entrepreneur. He is a problem fixer and loves bringing out the best of any bad situation.

He has been an Inspiration to many youths, who have been battling the struggle of this world. Helping them focus more on the finer things in life. 

He has spoken in various events, colleges, universities and is often interacting with people on his social media, advising and grooming them.

Humza Radi
Humza Radi

He is known for developing businesses for his clients, making sure he increases the revenue through vast streams that even the business owner wouldn't realize existed. Once he touches a project, he usually makes sure he gets the best possible outcome.


His presence as a leader changes the game for most of the people around him. 

His ability to differentiate a serious situation from a random one without anyone having to openly explain, has been something he is loved about.


He loves being in a business mindset to focus on incidents till he sees the completion.

He is trying to be the person he wishes he has when he was younger. Always grabbing an opportunity to make a positive change in even one persons life.

He is no stranger to struggle and always ready to help someone avoid them, in any small way he can.

His positive attitude and Empathy for other human beings has always been an inspiration for young upcoming Entrepreneurs.

Humza Radi
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